Amnesty voor Klasse 3 afstammelingen

Op social media en de website is door CPBS het volgende bericht gepubliceerd over amnesty voor afstammelingen van klasse 3 merries gedurende een bepaalde periode.…/

In artikel 5.21 wordt het volgende vermeld.

Inspection of Filly/Mare progeny of Class 3 Mares; Time Limited Amnesty
5.21 The CPBS introduced an amnesty for the uninspected progeny of Class 3 parents on 1st March 2024 which allows for these ponies to be presented for inspection and to be classified according to the Studbook rules. The purpose of this amnesty is to draw in breeding lines which may have been otherwise lost. The amnesty registration period is from 1st March 2024 until 31st October 2025 inclusive and owners of such progeny can present them for classification at the regular inspections organised by the Society between those dates. This amnesty will cease following inspections in the Autumn of 2025.

Wij zullen dit nader uitwerken en te zijner tijd op terugkomen.